I thought I was efficient

Boy, I try to make the best use of my small space and find homes for ‘stuff’ and increase the functionality of my living space… But this guy is incredible –


I always thought the bed in the wall was a cool idea, but I would have to move the rest of the furniture out of the way every night. Maybe not so functional for me. And that little bit of refrigerator space? I’d be running to the store every day.

I guess if you are single, childless, and you work 60 hours a week – this look might be for you.

For the rest of us – I think we could find something pretty comfortable and efficient for $300,000, don’t you?

I do need a moveable wall though. I think I’ll watch that video again. I just might get an idea or two I could use.

What do you think? Would any of this really work for you?

2 thoughts on “I thought I was efficient

  1. Beth

    The smallest business in my town is 60 sq feet. It’s a 10 foot long by 6 feet wide enclosed front porch of a house with shelves selling candles, accessories, jewelry, paintings and other art. Pretty cool!

    There are several websites about builders and those who live in tiny houses showing great photos and descriptions. It’s very practical, and great to see the innovation and pure genius ideas that people come up with. I love that most of the spaces are “green,” so are efficient in a healthy way for the environment.

  2. Sure Fit Inc.

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