I must be living in an alternate universe

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new bathroomTime for another Animal House Update – and looking at whether cleaning house changes behaviors…

It has been unreal.

Bob has been helping with the dishes after dinner. Surprise number one.

But what happened Saturday really had me wondering if I had somehow entered another world…

Saturday morning, they were all working, so I took advantage of the time alone and did some self care. I cleaned the bathroom really well when I was done.

Normally, Saturday night they all take showers and shave to get ready to go out. And they all did. I went into the bathroom expecting to see the normal mess – hairs all over, shower curtain open, toothpaste spit in the sink….

You couldn’t tell that the bathroom had been used. I couldn’t believe my eyes. They left it as clean as they found it.

Here it is Wednesday, and the bathroom has stayed fairly clean.

There’s one thing I don’t get. The lying.

I approached Bob about the cigarette butts all over the lawn where he parks. “I don’t do that, someone else must be smoking my cigarettes.” Really Bob? C’mon.

Or I approached youngest son about the hockers in the tub. “I haven’t done that in a long time…” Really? You were the only one home today.

I made Bob clean them up the other day hoping he would say something to his son.

But overall, there really haven’t been any major issues. There’s been no parties. Its been quiet and calm. Youngest son has said he is not going to hang around with some of the people he had been hanging around with. Says he’s tired of the BS.

I’m waiting to see what the warm weather will bring…

I have some spring cleaning to do. I never did get back to the carpets. I’m thinking about tackling painting the kitchen. Nothing too earth shattering!

How are you coming along with your spring cleaning?

Be a Ninja House Cleaner…


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