I infiltrated Vin DiCarlos mailing list

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Vin DiCarlo is the dating expert who trains guys in how to get the girl, and more – you know….

I was curious. What is he telling guys that would help them turn on any girl?

Now I know that Vin makes a lot of money, but I don’t know if his training works. I found his new video interesting – but I couldn’t even tell you which one of the 8 types I would be. I think I’m a bit of a few of them.

I wish I could infiltrate the program, but I think I would get caught – don’t you?

There’s one part of me that initially felt furious at the thought of being manipulated. I mean, I’m sure most of hte guys who buy this training are out for one night stands – or long term sex toys with no committment.

But then – there are guys who are legitimately looking for a compatible mate. It would be really nice to have a man that knows how to keep you happy. Someone who makes it easy to fall in love.

What do you think? Would you want a guy if you knew he’d been through this kind of training?

Personally, I would feel manipulated. If I were a guy, I would NEVER tell!

Are you curious? Here’s where you can see Vin DiCarlo’s latest video –

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “I infiltrated Vin DiCarlos mailing list

  1. Teri

    These seduction type of courses do not usually tend to appeal to guys who genuinely like women or have healthy attitudes so I would steer well clear. Nothing much worse for your confidence than waking up with a stranger you’ve nothing to talk about with. The guys running and making money off such predatory courses are also predatory on the guys who feel a need for such. I would therefore consider it against sisterhood and my ethics to promote such.

    I would not mind a guy having gone on a confidence building course as a lot of good guys are a bit shy.
    There are sources of non predatory type info on what makes a woman tick along the lines of Men are from Mars.

    Most lonely guys are such because they get stuck in habits that
    do not open the doors to meeting the right type of woman for them. They stay home listening to music or go to pubs with the same friends etc.
    Best advice is to join clubs and evening classes on subjects you love as this gives you the best chances of meeting someone compatible with plenty of mutual interests you can talk about.
    Develop yourself as a person then you will more effortlessly attract and keep a rewarding relationship.
    If two people are meant to be together I doubt there is much would get in the way.
    Wishing you true love

  2. Carole Post author

    I would agree that most of the guys that are attracted to these courses are predatory.

    I think you’ve uncovered a problem that both sides need a better solution to. I know quite a few intellegent pretty young girls that are having trouble finding good men. Some have done the classes and clubs thing, but for most it hasn’t produced any good prospects. That advice was handed around when I was young.

    But it seems now more than ever that girls in particular are having trouble finding good men. Oh sure, you can always find the bar fly, but these girls aren’t willing to settle for that. Smarter than I was!

    If someone could figure out the answer to this problem, they would make a fortune!

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  4. sugru

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