I haven’t forgotten you

I haven’t been posting much lately, as a few people have noticed. I’m fine. I’ve just had a bunch of stuff happen all at once. You know, when it rains – it pours!

Well, last week it did pour, and the carpet downstairs is still not fully dry. I really do need to find a solution to that problem!

But I did manage to get all the plants my daughter bought me for mother’s day in the ground. Froze my butt off doing it – but they’re in! I should be able to supply the whole neighborhood with tomatoes. Except that might be illegal by then…

The car is broke. The vacuum is broke. The thermostat is broke. I’m broke.

I made a pot of my Special Sausage Taco Mix. That goes really really far. I used to eat a lot of that when I was young and poor. Got my lettuce and tomatoes. Got a pineapple for 99 cents. I got a lot of good deals, so I’m well fed!

And the weather looks like it’s finally going to turn nice, and maybe stay that way? Fingers crossed really tight… 

So, everything should be back to normal next week. Well, not entirely back to normal. There will be some changes happening. I’ll be working on them all weekend – so look for some new stuff next week. I’ll see you then!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Oh, if you have some parties coming up – there’s a new section over at Rebel With a Fork with some great easy party ideas. You know me – its always about good food!

See you next week.

1 thought on “I haven’t forgotten you

  1. Kari

    Nice Carol.. Could you do me a favor and define “normal”?? lol!! Looking forward to Friday girlfriend! Have a great day!

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