I Have a Big Idea

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Maybe it’s more like a wish.


You see, I know for a fact that we can stop these epidemics –



High Blood Pressure

Clogged Arteries

Heart Disease

Type II Diabetes



And we can slow down aging related problems –


Loss of vision

Loss of mental clarity

Decreasing bone density

Fading good looks

Energy and mobility problems



Now here’s my big idea (wish?)


What if…


People all over the world started to live a healthier lifestyle?


People stopped getting diseases?


People stopped needing as many expensive prescription drugs?


People started enjoying a family dinner, cooking, conversation, and building strong relationships with their kids? Instead of waiting for a holiday, they took time to connect with family over real dinners almost every day?


Instead of plopping down in front of the TV to watch someone else’s version of life – people got out and actually lived life?


People had the vibrant health and energy to play, or work to achieve goals, or help others?


What would our world look like then?


Imagine a world filled with people who have vibrant health and energy. What could we achieve?


Isn’t that thought mind boggling?


Is it possible to take our current world of disease and depression and change it to one filled with energy and optimism?


I’d like to believe that we could make a real difference. What do you think? Isn’t it an exciting idea?


But, it’s not going to be easy. First we have to get people out of the clutches of ‘The System.”


The system that keeps people brainwashed and enslaved. The system that keeps people too weak to even care.


The system is a web of deception and profiteering at the expense of humanity.


I’ll tell you about ‘The System’ tomorrow.



Are you ready to get out of ‘The System?’