I hate all my shorts



Except the really old comfy cut-offs. And I’ve had those for years and years. I was wearing a pair last weekend that was a size 7/8. Yeah, that was the old sizing. In todays world, I’m a size 4.

It’s supposed to make you feel better that you wear a smaller size so you’ll buy more. And for most people, it works. But I don’t feel better.

I wish they’d go back to the old way of sizing when everyone knew exactly where you stood. No smoke and mirrors.

My mother always wore a size 12. I can’t imagine her as a size 8. It just wouldn’t seem right. I guess she probably would have felt great about it. She never ever wore shorts. Maybe if she thought like a person who wears a size 8 she would. ARgh. Mind Games!

A friend of mine buys all these celebrity news magazines. There’s always a story about everyone being too thin. Now, I’ll admit that a couple of them are pushing the line a little too far. But they keep picking on a couple of people who swear they eat healthy.

I’m here to testify that if you eat healthy and get exercise, it is nearly impossible to gain weight. Leave the poor girls alone. No wonder they’re all such a mess.

Now, back to my original problem. Where can us skinny women (over say 30) get a decent pair of shorts?


a.k.a. – ‘Mother’



P.S. You can be too skinny too. Just eat like I do.


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