How’s Affordable Healthcare Working for You?

MIAMI, FL - MARCH 22:  Brenda Major (L), who s...

MIAMI, FL - MARCH 22: Brenda Major (L), who said she had a pre-existing condition that made it impossible to find insurance that would cover her until the Affordable Care Act, is examined during a routine checkup at the Jessie Trice Center for Community Health clinic on March 22, 2012 in Miami, Florida. Starting on March 26, 2012 the arguments begin on the Affordable Care Act before the U.S. Supreme Court. The Act, which was set into law by U.S. President Barack Obama, helps many in need of health care like Brenda Major who now has insurance after being denied health insurance coverage due to her pre-existing condition. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Eveline stopped in today to catch up on things. She complained, “My **** insurance went up $80 a month!”

I said,  “Really? That’s exactly how much mine went up too!”

Interesting. Hers is a private plan. Mine is a group plan at work.

And, on mine – if your spouse can get insurance where they work, they cannot be insured on our plan.

I heard about someone who recently had a mole removed. If it was cancer, insurance would pay. If not, they won’t. So what do you do?

Right now, you get some sort of brownie points for living what they consider a healthier lifestyle – getting your scheduled check ups, losing weight, quitting smoking, taking your meds as prescribed, etc. You can bet that those things will be figured into your premiums next year. That’s the plan I hear. Which on the surface, all of that sounds reasonable. But what it really means is that you have no choice. You do what they say, period.

The reality is not turning out so well, is it?





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3 thoughts on “How’s Affordable Healthcare Working for You?

  1. Dan

    Just like me. I joined the Navy and was told I would have free health care when I retire. Well it didn’t turn out to be free and now they want to double and triple my copay and raise my annual enrollment fees.

  2. Eric Crockett

    I would have to disagree. Insurance premiums are going up for other reasons, mostly unrelated with Obamacare. The healthcare exchange is to take place 2014, which does not require you to purchase healthcare. In lieu of not purchasing healthcare, you will be taxed (almost 100% of the time) $95.00 when filing a tax return.

    What Obamacare has in turn done has eliminated pre-existing conditions. However, if you smoke you are at a higher risk of developing health problems (p.s. I smoke). If you are over-weight you are at a higher risk of developing health problems. These provisions do not force you to do it “their way or the highway” as insinuated, however, it does encourage widely recognized health attributes to be rewarded with a better rate, with obvious reason.

    The difference between insurance companies in the past and what is to come of them is in the past, insurance companies gave you a break if you didn’t smoke. In the future they will be charging you more if you do smoke. Yes it is a matter of wording, but the same idea exists.
    Eric Crockett´s last blog post ..Guilty – Personally

  3. Maria Stones

    It is not already affordable insurance healthcare because the plan payment increases. So, terrible if the insurance plan cannot be able to help a member who are in need.
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