How Will You Celebrate Your Freedom?

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Can you believe it’s almost July 4th?

We were under comforters to watch a movie last night. We had to wear jackets all day yesterday. But the weather is supposed to be nice for the next week.

I originally wanted to have a get together on the 4th, but that would have meant missing the fireworks and my daughter really loves going to the firework displays. With everything that’s been going on, I’ve chosen to just make it a quet play in the lake day.

We’ve been going through the recipes at Sane SuperWoman Club and trying to pick what our July 4th meal will be, but there are so many choices! It’s hard to pick.

There are a lot of choices you can make for how you celebrate this Independance Day Weekend. You are still free to do that. Take a moment to think about what this celebration really signifies. Our way of life has changed a lot in the last 20 years, and I don’t think it’s been for the better. I think we’ve sold our soul. Holidays are not only a great time to celebrate, but also a good time to take a minute to reflect on what it means.

Whether you choose to travel, or entertain, or spend a quiet day at home – I hope you have a great holiday weekend.

Make sure to enjoy the wonderful fresh foods of the season!





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1 thought on “How Will You Celebrate Your Freedom?

  1. Beth


    What you said about our way of life changing over the past 20 years is so true. Very few people even eat one meal a day together with their family. Easy credit meant materialism and debt grew by leaps and bounds. Most people live fast-paced lives, have shallow relationships, and can’t keep up with all the new technology.

    Thank you so much for doing your blog and new membership site so we can share healthier ways to live life and develop relationships.

    The internet is actually a wonderful technology to communicate with the entire world if used for good. Although I am learning to live a simpler, slower lifestyle by my own choice, I still want to have a computer and internet. I have learned so much via it, gotten better buys and saved gasoline and time, and am able to communicate with all my loved ones who live in other states just to name a few valuable benefits.

    Let’s all try to figure out how to combine the best of the new with the ways of the old that served us well and share that with all the stressed-out people that are in our world today.
    We need to give more and not expect anything in return, replace bad habits with positive ones,
    take better care of ourselves and our relationships with others, and much more.

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