How to Keep it Together When Life is Crumbling Around You

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Sometimes life just seems to crumble around you, doesn’t it? Despite your best efforts, you just can’t seem to stop it. I mean, this winter has been horrific! So many people are frustrated and depressed. Me included!

Maybe you’ve had one or two too many things added to your ‘must do’ list. 

Or – you, or your child has been sick.

Or – it’s a busy period at work.

Or – Holidays threw your schedule out of whack.

Or your boss didn’t take her hormone medication and is on the rampage.

There are a lot of things that can happen to disrupt life that are not your fault, and sometimes the best you can do is ride it out.

Here are a few things you can do to keep from falling apart –

1. Accept that there is nothing you can do, and that struggling against it is a waste of emotional energy. Just focus on getting through it.

2. Get enough sleep. Your body and your mind need plenty of sleep. You’ll be able to withstand more if you’re well rested.

3. Eat right. During periods of high stress or depression, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re getting plenty of nutrients to keep your body and your mind functioning it’s best. Taking vitamins is great extra insurance too.

4. Drink green tea. It’s calming, and full of powerful anti-oxidants.

5. Eat a piece of chocolate. Or a few. Chocolate contains a mood improving chemical. Just don’t overdo it or the results will be depressing.

6. Do something to pamper yourself. Take a long hot shower or bath. Give yourself, or get a manicure. Get a haircut. Do something for yourself. It always makes you feel better, doesn’t it?

7. Exercise is a great stress reliever. It also takes you away from the problem for a little while.

8. Clean the house. This one is a two-fold benefit. The act of cleaning the house will distract you from the problem, and having a clean house is calming.

Actually, the first 8 tips are healthy habits and if you did them all of the time, every day would be better. Anyway – moving on …

9. Watch a funny movie. Nothing depressing! Some- thing that will lift your mood.

10. When the crisis has passed, take massive action to put your life back together as quickly as possible.

Keep practicing tips 1-8 to be your best all of the time.

Sometimes a good cry can be healing. We’re told all the time not to cry, but I’ll tell you what – it really can be a great release. When things get to be too much, take a box of tissue and go off by yourself and let it out! You have my permission.


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