How to get skinny

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You know I’ve been working my little rump off trying to get the beach fit for a human being. It’s been awful. On top of tearing the beaver dams down, which apparently filtered out a lot of stuff – we’re guessing that they did a carp kill without telling anyone. I’ve had boo-coo dead fish. I’ve been burying 10-15 a day. It’s slowed down finally. Probably only 6 or 7 today.


And I’ve been literally shoveling duck crap. What fun that’s been!


It was so bad that the geese wouldn’t even cross it. When I looked out this morning and saw the yard full of geese again, I knew the beach must be in better shape.


We got the rafts out and we were paddling ourselves around looking at some of the neighbor’s houses planning for when we can finally remodel ours. She asked why we never see some of these people. Why live on a lake if you’re never going to come out of the house? Good question, ey?


Want to talk about feeling some muscles you haven’t used in a while? Whew! My abs are definitely feeling tighter.


I put a bathing suit on, which is unusual for me. You know, as we get older, we get funny about silly things I guess. But I was looking pretty hot. I joked with my daughter that if you cut off my head, I could pass for 25.


She complained because I’m skinnier than her. Hey, I was the one out shoveling duck crap. Of course I’m skinnier! Don’t get me wrong, she’s skinny too.


We ate a great lunch – turkey sandwiches with cheese and lettuce and tomato, with some cantaloupe – and then went back out and played some more.


And then came in and ate a great dinner of spaghetti with tomato-pesto-basil sauce, a salad, and garlic bread. We took the dog on his 2-mile walk, came back and cleaned up, and now vacation is over. I have to go back to work tomorrow 🙁 Bummer…


But there will be more days of fun in the sun.


My daughter was complaining (that’s what 16 yr. olds do…) that at her dad’s they’re always too tired to do anything. Around here, we don’t run out of steam until midnight or later – and the days go sooo fast.


Are you a couch slouch? Or are you getting out and living life? 


Life is too short. Use it or lose it!


Go ahead, cancel cable. I dare ya!





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