10 Tips For Getting Through The Holidays Without Gaining A Ton

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Get thru the holidays without gaining a ton

OK, the worst times for gaining weight are upon us. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Just use some common sense and you can enjoy the holidays without all the weight to remember them by. Here are 10 tips to help you get through the holidays without gaining a ton…

1.Eat healthier 80% of the time. That means a good breakfast, maybe salad for lunch and a dinner plate that consists of 1/2 vegetables, 6 ounces of meat, and 1/4 side dish. If you really want to lose weight, cut out the side dish at dinner.

2. Eat real food. Real food isn’t loaded with chemicals, corn syrup, sugars, sodium, soy and such. Instead of eating fast food, save time, money,an calories by having your own fast dinners planned.

One of my favorite fast dinners is a steak, a (micro) baked potato, and a salad. Takes 10 or 15 minutes.

3. Eat normally on the day of a party. Eat breakfast. If your party is later, eat lunch – preferably salad. Do not go to the event starving. that is a sure way to eat thousands of calories.

4. Take normal portions. You’ll find that a spoonful of each item is probably more than enough. If you are going to have seconds, take only a spoonful of your absolute favorites that you can’t get very often. You can have mashed potatoes and bread anytime. Skip those today and go for the truly special stuff.

5. If you are the hostess, cut down on the carbs you serve. It should be one dinner. Not 6 dinners put out all at once.

6. I’m cutting down on the number of desserts we serve. Pumpkin pie and usually something chocolate is more than enough. We don’t need a sweet table! Oh, and only eat a small piece of each. You’re already stuffed to the gills.

7. Watch your alcohol intake. Not only is it full of calories, it can be dangerous. Especially if you add icy roads to the mix!

8. Don’t eat again later. I know, all those leftovers are really tempting. Leave them for tomorrow! You are not really hungry. Stop while you’re only a little behind…

9. Return to normal healthy eating the next day. One day of pigging out is not earth shattering. Just make sure to get back on track the next day.

10. When tempted with all those cookies and candies…have one or two. Then stop. This does get easier. I actually skip the packaged ones. The home baked ones are another story…

(Please note, if you are a diabetic, don’t indulge in things you are not supposed to eat. You don’t want to spend the holiday in the hospital.)

You can enjoy the holidays without gaining a ton. Just use common sense, and make moderation your mantra!

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