How to be Your Own Vet Review

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You know I have hyper-dog. He’s always into something. He’s always licking. Drives me crazy – and I keep thinking one day he’s going to lick something not good – know what I mean?

And the cost of vet visits give me nightmares.

It’s getting warm, and our little darlings will be out getting into all kinds of trouble.

So when this came across my desk today, I sat up and took notice. I had to tell you about it right away!

Its called How to Be Your Own Vet, and it’s written by Gaetane Ross with the help of her vet friend Sandy. Here’s some of the things they cover –

  • Always know what course of action to take in emergency situations… Life saving advice to combat almost any emergency medical situation that your dog may encounter…

  • Stop using harsh and expensive medications and start using highly effective natural remedies that work from home to treat all of the most common dog problems, from fleas to diarrhea to the common cold… (you know that is right up my alley!)

  • Save thousands of dollars in medical costs over the life of your dog by diagnosing and treating common diseases yourself…

  • An Inexpensive surefire cure that stops diarrhea INSTANTLY, see for yourself on page

  • Want to stop fleas dead in their tracks without using harsh and expensive chemicals? We show how it’s done

  • Worm treatments that WORK, without expensive medications…

  • Do you know what to do if your dog is poisoned?  Find what to do, and more importantly what to avoid at all costs when your dog is poisoned.

  • A little known cancer treatment that works when traditional medicines fail… It may work for you

  • Did you know that heat stroke is a very common cause of death in dogs? Find out how to avoid heat stroke, and how to treat it when it happens

  • Life saving emergency techniques, these can mean the difference between life or death in an emergency

  • What would you do if your dog stopped breathing? The information on may save your dogs life…

  • Make absolutely sure that your dog is the healthiest and happiest dog it can possibly be…

I haven’t bought it yet, but it’s on my list of must haves – You can check How to Be Your Own Vet out for yourself here >>>


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  1. Rosario Robinett

    The best thing about these dog natural remedies is that they are safe for your dog’s health. Since most of the ingredients in these supplements are organic, you do not must worry about side effects. A quantity of clinical studies have been completed on the herbs and it’s been proven beyond doubt that they are safe to be consumed by animals.

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