How to be in a better mood

improve your mood

Studies have shown it is possible to improve your mood. It can be as simple as thinking you’re in a good mood. If you believe it, your attitude will change.

In fact, even when you aren’t in a good mood, the simple act of smiling can perk you up. Smiling actually stimulates neural pathways in the brain. A smile will make others feel better too.

Create an environment for yourself that lifts your spirits. If a certain type of music gets you pumped, play that music more often. Some people like to burn incense as they feel it can positively alter their moods. Have a clean, calm, inspiring space where you can unwind, read, pray, journal, etc.

Start your day on a positive note

Getting up to a clean kitchen where your coffee is waiting for you really helps start your day on a positive note. You can calmly sit and while you are enjoying your coffee you can go over your ‘to-do’ list for the day. Make sure you have something planned for dinner!

Put your best self forward

Take the time to put on something that you feel good wearing. Put on your makeup and perfume. We always feel better when we look better!

Handle things while they’re still mole hills

Don’t let the mundane stuff in your life become mountains. Just take care of them so that they aren’t hanging over your head. Don’t let things build to the point that they become a major undertaking. That’s why I created my house cleaning system so things get done and never get built up to the point where its overwhelming and stressful.

Live a healthier lifestyle

Things like a poor diet and not enough sleep will definitely affect your mood. A healthy dinner will give you more energy to enjoy your evenings. Its true!

Exercise makes you feel better too. I love taking walks after dinner on warmer nights.

Being dehydrated can leave you feeling tired and sluggish. It can even give you a headache.

You know those people who are never happy with anything and complain about everything?

They are the most miserable people to be around.

You should reflect on your life and be grateful for what you have. You have a lot to be thankful for if you’re in good health. If your family is in good health, you should also be grateful. Your mood will naturally increase towards the positive when you appreciate things.

If you want to better your mood, start hanging out with upbeat people. There’s nothing like a sourpuss to bring down a group. These cranky people seem to go out of their way to make sure everyone is miserable. By avoiding these people, you have less chance of being in a bad mood at the start.

Make time for fun

It may seem obvious, but do more things that make you happy and less that don’t. When’s the last time you actually had fun? We need recreation and fun in our lives. You know, all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl.

Try something new

We all get in a rut. We make the same 4 things for dinner. We wear the same clothes. Sometimes, all that is needed is to change up your routine. If you are doing the same activities day in and day out, this can make anyone feel in a bad mood. Try stepping up your game and do something out of the ordinary. In fact, make it a point to do this once every month.

What do you do to improve your mood?

Need more ideas to beat the blahs?

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