How Old Are Those Spices?

Oh boy. You might want to check.

 For those of use who are a little older – you might still have some of those cute red square tin spices up in your cupboard.

I came across an ad recently that said that those spices are at least 15 years old! Oh my gosh…

And the ones in the glass bottles with the green lids? If it came from the Baltimore plant, it too is at least 15 years old.

Will it kill you? No.

Will they have much taste? No.

How old is too old? I haven’t a clue!

And there’s the goobeldy gook codes on the bottom that no human can read or understand.

But it seems that McCormick has a service that will read the code for you. You just go to and it will tell you how old your spices are.

I’m off to check mine before I make that last trip to the grocery store!


a.k.a. – ‘Mother’


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