How much will affordable insurance be?

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English: This is a graph that relates the amou...

English: This is a graph that relates the amount of income allotted to health care for families making between 100% and 400% the federal poverty level. This graph is representative of the framework laid out by HR 3962 & HR 3590 in the 111th United States Congress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its the question on almost everyone’s mind – How much is ‘affordable’ health insurance going to cost? posted an article with a link to a Subsidy Calculator.

I started playing around with different scenarios –

First scenario –

2 adults, one smokes, 1 on unemployment – total annual income $11,440

Insurance costs – 14,051

They pay 14,051 – no subsidy for people making less than the poverty level.

Same scenario, no smokers – they pay $10,373

Same scenario – both smoke – they pay $15,560

You did notice that the insurance cost is more than they make. This group would have to be covered under another program.


Next scenario –

2 adults, non smoking – $50K annual income

Insurance cost – $10,373  They pay – $4,750 (395.83 mo.)

Both smoke – 15,560, they pay $9,937 (828.08 mo.)


Next scenario –

2 adults making $10hr – total income $41,600

Smokers – 15,560, they pay $8,755 (729.58 mo.)

Non smokers – 10,373, they pay $3,569 (297.42 mo.)


Next scenario –

1 adult making $10hr. – total income – 20800

Smoker – 11033, pays $4,806 (400.50 mo.)

Non smoker – 7355, pays $1,129 (94.08 mo.)


Next scenario –

1 adult making $50K

Smoker – 11,033, pays $11,033 (929.42 mo.)

Non Smoker – 7,355, pays $7,355 (612.92 mo.)


Next scenario –

Family of four (2 kids under 20) making 80K

No smokers – $10,539 – (878.25 mo.)

Now bear in mind, this would be for people who do not have insurance at work. Which means that they are less likely to be able to afford insurance in the first place. I don’t know about you, but this is not affordable!

Also bear in mind that this is mandatory. You must have insurance by the end of the year.

Are you feeling all warm and fuzzy yet?

How do you feel about these numbers?

Subsidy Calculator.



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