How much is that food really costing you?

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I’ve often said that the food industries are killing people for profit. They will use any ingredient they can get away with that lowers their cost.


Inside High Energy Eating, there’s a link to a video where the President of Ocean Spray talks about how corn syrup is a cheap ingredient that makes food taste good, and reduces their costs.


It’s just a business decision.


Your health means nothing to them. OK, that’s not true. Keeping you sick means tons more profits for pharmaceutical companies, medical care, insurance…


Today I received my newsletter from Dr. Mercola talking about chemicals in the lining of canned goods and in plastics. You can read the article here –


There’s also a link to an article about Monsanto’s seed police. If you haven’t heard about this, you should read up on that too.


And he includes resources to find safer alternatives.


But the safest alternative is to drastically cut your dependence on packaged foods, don’t you think?


Eat fresh = live longer.


To your health,




What’s the best way to cut your medical expenses? Don’t get sick in the first place!


No matter what your healthy eating goals are – lose weight, reduce blood pressure, avoid diabetes, or heart disease, or cancer, or just stay young and full of energy – you’ll find all the information you need to succeed!

2 thoughts on “How much is that food really costing you?

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