How Did The Pilgrims Survive This?

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The temperature tonight is supposed to go down to -21 C – before wind chill. With wind chill, it’s supposed to be -40. That’s insane.

It’s impossible to walk this dog. He has to walk a half a mile, and then find the ‘perfect spot’ before he’ll do his thing. The snow mounds are 2 and 3 feet deep, so finding that ‘perfect spot’ is pretty hard. What a pain he is.

I have to put on 16 layers to not freeze to death. My neighbor gave me this snowmobile hat thing that covers everything except your eyes. I could go rob banks if it wasn’t too cold to be motivated 😉

I really want to know. It’s hard enough to survive these crazy temperatures with houses and heat, and heated cars. How the heck did they survive before?

OK, I know. A lot of them didn’t survive, and we need to be thankful that we have warm houses and cars.

Remember to check on people who live alone and make sure they’re OK. This is dangerous weather.

Stay warm. I’ll talk to you after I deal with this dog.