Bathroom redo for just $600

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new bathroom

So, last weekend I planned on getting the bathroom primed and maybe the white painting done – the ceiling, door frame, and baseboards.

Suddenly, Bob has a fire lit under him…

He had seen a sink that he fell in love with. Then, he wanted a white vanity that was taller than the one he had. Then of course, you had to paint or replace the medicine cabinet. The light bar would need to be replaced. He wanted another cabinet over the toilet with a towel bar.

Unfortunately the sink he saw was a custom sink that had been returned, and someone else bought it. He had his whole color scheme in his head built around this sink. (That was $800 and he never would have bought anyway…)

We got all of the cabinets, sink, faucet, light fixture… But then it came time to buy paint. I stood him in front of the paint display and told him to pick a color. I was afraid, but he picked a teal color that he said reminded him of cars in the 50s. OK then…

The next job was to find a shower curtain with the right shade of teal that was not feminine. Ahhh, online shopping is a great thing! I found a teal and brown stripe and he liked it. Cool. Got some matching brown rugs and hand towels.

Redoing a bathroom in a house with one bathroom and 5 adults is a challenge. You have to try to allow a couple hours dry time in between coats, and before someone needs to take a shower.

We managed to get most of the painting done around all the showers. The light fixture still needs to be replaced. I don’t do electric. It all has to be taken down, someone needs to repair and paint, and then the new one installed.

Except that life happens. A friend needed a car repair, after work meeting, his parents are in town, finding time to sleep…

How long will it take to get that light fixture installed? Who knows.

The tub and surround still needs to be done, but its not in the budget, and we don’t have the time to tackle that one right now. That’s what shower curtains are for, right?

Next room up is the dining room. It looks horrible, but actually its easier than the bathroom. I want to make sure its ready for the holidays. Its almost October! The weather has thrown us off track, hasn’t it? The holidays will be here before you know it.

60 days til Thanksgiving. 90 days til Christmas.

What room do you need to get redone before the holidays?

Now, keep it clean…


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