Horrendous crashes on the rise

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There is a dramatic increase in highway fatalities. Every day it seems there are horrific pictures of crashes.

Anyone with any common sense can see that when you have traffic moving at 80-90  miles an hour, one little mistake causes a major accident. People are driving like its the indy. And where are the cops?

Here’s a ridiculous statement – (From the Morning Brew 2/2/22)

What’s going on? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has cited more reckless driving since the pandemic began, including drivers not wearing seatbelts and blowing through speed limits.

  • But Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who called the surge in road deaths a “national crisis,” thinks blaming humans won’t solve anything. “People make mistakes, but human mistakes don’t always have to be lethal.”

According to Buttigieg, the key to bringing down traffic deaths is a combo of redesigning roads to be safer, boosting safety standards for vehicles, and incorporating technology like automated braking into vehicles.


Half the problems in this country come from a lack of accountability. Its never anyone’s fault.

And there’s no enforcement.

No cops.

No speeding tickets.

Everyone else is doing it.

Oh, and of course, it will never happen to me…

You get into an accident on the highway these days, most likely you die.

Please, slow down and pay attention.

Be safe.



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