Holy What?

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Oh my… I was fooling around on Amazon checking out some stuff an this came up…

holy crap

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

What is this anyway?

Well, its a natural cereal that is full of great healthy ingredients, keeps you full longer, and…yes, helps keep you clean.

Of course, when buying anything on Amazon, it is always wise to check the reviews. And sometimes entertaining.

  • I swear by Holy Crap. I bought it as a joke but then once I read the ingredients I thought I would give it a try. It’s delicious and it really help with regularity. Not sure if this is why they named it ‘Holy Crap’ but it is a fitting name. Personally, I mix it with yogurt. Five out of five stars because it tastes great, great ingredients, healthy, and helps with constipation….what more could a girl ask for?


  • P.S.Be aware that you will experience an increase in “regularity’ with this in your diet LOL.


  • My husband and I tried this at a gluten free expo and purchased it on the spot. It’s best when mixed with almond milk and water and left to sit overnight so the ingredients have a chance to really expand. We both like it as a different alternative to cereal or eggs (so I wouldn’t say it’s an every day of our life cereal). We usually add berries. We are not “health nuts,” either. It has a good but unique taste. I was pretty shocked at the negative reviews as well as the reviews about bathroom experiences. We don’t have any bathroom issues with it. And the bag is small, but you mix 2 tbsp of cereal with liquid to get a larger quantity of cereal. The chia seeds expand in your stomach and keep you full. We mix 2 tbsp of cereal with 4 tbsp vanilla almond milk and 3-4 tbsp water in individual tupperware bowls, then take it to work with bags of berries the next morning for breakfast. You can make large batches to save on prep time and it will keep for several days once prepared, but we haven’t done that yet. We are 100% pleased with this cereal and I logged on today to buy more!

It sounds like it should taste good. For me, it would be handy to be full longer, but Lord knows, I certainly don’t need to lose any weight.

After reading some of the reviews, I’m tempted not only trying it myself, but also buying it for a few people that have health or weight issues that this might help.

If someone gave you this as a gift, would you be insulted? Would you think its funny? Would you actually try it?

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