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You might think it’s a little weird that I get
so excited about holiday dinners. I just love
them! So much good food!

And you’re looking for tips on how to lose
weight. If you would just learn to enjoy
the really good foods, you would never have
to worry about your weight ever again. And
you won’t have to worry as much about your
health either.

Here’s some examples –

Cranberries, the most antioxidants of any fruit.
Packed with nutirents that fight infection, cancer,
heart disease and aging.

Sweet potatoes, packed with potassium, cartonoids,
vitamins and fiber.

Broccoli, carrots, more cancer fighting, heart disease
prevention, energy producing, vision improving, and more…

Turkey, protein, iron, b vitamins – the stuff that holds
your body together and gets your metabolism going.

Wine, reduces bad cholesterol, and raises good cholesterol.
Also contains a compounds that starves cancer cells.

Walunts – a source of cholesterol reducing healthy fats.
helps reduce clogging in the arteries, supports your
immune system, helps you think better, and more…

Chocolate, a mood enhancer that’s also good for your heart.

If you think you have to eat spinach and tofu to lose weight
and get healthy, think again. You’ll find
111 great foods that are tasty and healthy – recipes, fast
start guide and more inside the High Energy Eating Package.



a.k.a. – ‘Mother’