Help the Economic Bubble Burst

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Once a week I try to brush up on economic news and find out what’s going on in the ‘real’ world. I’m usually left shaking my head. I mean, whatever happened to plain old common sense?


The oil story is at the top of everyone’s reporting these days.


It’s not only that the price of gasoline has soared past $4 a gallon that’s really starting to hurt, but the fact that everything that requires transportation to get to the store shelves is going up like crazy too. My cat food has gone up $2 a bag. That’s no small increase!


Here’s the real kicker though. People are not cutting back enough. As long as people keep buying like crazy, it will continue to go up, and so will everything else.


We live in such a desensitized time that people accept just about anything. The consequences are usually pretty horrendous – when people finally wake up.


You know one of my pet peeves is packaged food. People just blindly buy this stuff that’s killing people without even thinking twice about it. People just accept that they are getting sicker and sicker and take more and more drugs, and attribute it all to aging. They don’t want to change their ways, but they complain that the cost of insurance, drugs, and medical care are skyrocketing.


Always remember, you vote with your wallet. If you buy it, you’re telling them that it’s OK, Keep it Coming. You are supporting these industries.


Can we stop buying gas? Not completely. But you and I both know that the consumption can be cut drastically enough to send them a message. Don’t believe me? Here’s a post at another blog you should read >>>


Here’s a few ways to cut your gas consumption –


Get rid of gas guzzlers.


Plan your trips so you do less driving.


Run more errands at one time.


Buy online.


This year, instead of traveling – spend your vacation going to local spots of interest. How many things are there in your own area that you’ve never seen? Tourists see more of your area than you do. In my area there is so much to see and do, and we never get to it.  You’ll save money, and support your local economy.


Buy at local farmers markets. The produce is healthier, it doesn’t have to travel across the country, and again – you’re supporting local farmers.


It’s an election year and everyone is fussing over the candidates and who will make life better. But don’t forget about the voting you do every day with every dollar that you spend.


I’m telling you – if everyone were to eat healthy and cut back on gas – we could make an astounding difference in the world. Just those 2 little things.


And if you’re not willing to change your ways – you have no room to complain.


If you’re driving a gas guzzler because you think it’s cool – don’t complain about the price of gas going up. You’re driving it there.


If you refuse to eat healthy, don’t complain about the cost of insurance, drugs, and medical care. You’re contributing.


It’s just common sense – as long as they can keep making more money – they’re not going to turn off the spigot. From a business standpoint, that would be foolish.


Make them find a better way to make their money. Tobacco companies didn’t go out of business, they just divested into chemically laced foods. Maybe their next big move will be something that’s actually good for mankind…


We can make a difference!


4 thoughts on “Help the Economic Bubble Burst

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