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I subscribe to a number of health related ezines to keep up to date on current research and such. A few of the newsletters are in the so called ‘healthy eating’ category.

Most of the time I read what they suggest you eat and I think to myself – I’d rather have the heart attack!

Here’s some of the stuff one newsletter suggested – hemp, green shakes for breakfast, alovera gel, sea vegetables, wheat grass, greens powders, and a whole bunch of other powders – I mean what the heck? This is a natural diet? For what species?

Then I read more hogwash like the label on Cool Whip Lite that says recommended by the South Beach Diet. Ever read the ingredients on that one?

Or how about the diet shakes full of sugars?

I know we all want to be trendy and try the hottest new things and be cool. But this is one case where tried and true real natural food is the way to go if you really want to be healthy and thin.

I want to save you a lot of money. Money that you’re throwing away on diets, and superfoods, and health care costs, and prescription drugs, and doctors.

You know, that’s why I got interested in the power of food. I knew I couldn’t afford prescription drugs, and I couldn’t afford to get sick. Every time I had a problem, I would look for a natural way to solve it before I would head off to the doctor. And you know what? I haven’t been to a doctor in many years. I get my readings checked at health fairs and such just to make sure that what I believe is true – and my readings always come back fine – without fasting.

And I know it all sounds a little wacko – but gosh, doesn’t eating hemp sound wacko? Does to me.

At least the way I eat won’t hurt you. It can only help. I can’t say for sure that you’ll be able to get off your insulin. I know people who have, but that doesn’t mean that everyone will. I can’t say that once you’re on blood pressure meds that eating right will get you off of them, but I know for sure, it certainly won’t hurt.

One thing I do know with absolute certainty is that if you eat the way I do, you will lose weight. Period. It’s mathematical.

And if you stop poisoning your body with all these chemicals and start giving it real nutrition, you cut your risk of all diseases.

If you’re interested in learning more about how healthy eating can improve your life – there’s Rebel With a Fork. You will learn how to eat to not only lose weight, but to cut your risk of disease, give you tons of energy to enjoy life, and keep you young.

I suggest that you go over to Rebel With a Fork  and bookmark that page. I guarantee the day will come when you will start thinking more seriously about your health, and you’ll want to make sure you can find that page again.

And always do your homework before buying into some hot new claim.

I think I’ll go make some Strawberry-Banana French Toast.

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11 thoughts on “Healthy eating baloney

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  3. Julie

    Thanks for stopping by my “Peace” on the UBP. I appreciate your thoughts on food and all of the other stuff that’s “not so food” out there, competing for our health, dollars, and faith. Thanks for sharing your common sense!

    Julie’s last blog post..Using Your Membership

  4. Jon Keshishian

    Thank you for you for your site. It was very informative and very insightful. Knowledge is power, and your site is making it possible for us to make an informative decision. It’s sad to say that we live in a world where companies are trying to take advantage of the consumer. Many of the individuals who are seeking help are in a fixed income and they can’t afford to buy products on a maybe it might work or due to false advertisement. So I wanted to that you once again for helping the public with their health needs. Sincerely

  5. Tanesha Satsky

    Hi, its great to read some info my a fellow nutrition and fitness enthusiast. I personally am not a fan of whey protein, I know that on paper it is very efficient. But i have always wondered of the dairy aspect. A protein straight from milk, something great for weight loss and weight gain depending on usage but in terms of some folks you may find yourself to have a low metabolic tolerance to dairy (some people find the same with wheat). I prefer to diversify and try different proteins. This is all my personal opinion of course but i find all our body’s are different and you must do your own search to find the right form of powder for you. i personally shift between promasil and myofusion with some mutant mass if i feel like bulking or even as a recovery drink after a power cardio workout (such as plyo). Try to visit if anybody want more info.

  6. Susan Cerri

    My husband is 25 pounds overweight, and he wants to start a weight loss program. He wants to start by concentrating on diet only, and then add some form of exercise. Since he has planter facitis, it is sometimes painful on his feet to exercise, so he prefers to stay off his feet. But I still need to get some kind of workout. What kind of diet and exercises should he go with? Thanks.

  7. Carole Post author

    Hi Susan,

    Your husband is on the right track with wanting to lose weight as the extra weight can certainly aggravate his condtion. Since this is an inflammatory disease, you’ll want to focus on eating more anti-inflammatory foods, and stay away from foods that are known cause inflammation. You don’t need a diet per se- you need to eat fresh natural foods and include lots of fruits and vegetables. It’s amazing how fast the weight comes off when you get away from packaged fake foods and pop.

    As far as exercise, I don’t know if a Doctor recommended a physical therapist for your husband. There are exercise that he can do to gently stretch and strengthen the tendon.

    As far as exercise without putting pressure on his heel – There is swimming, biking, rowing, resistance exercises, weight training for his upper body – just a few things off the top of my head. Anything that you enjoy doing that gets your body moving is good exercise.

    Let me know if I can do more to help.

  8. cityville

    lol a few of the commentary visitors make make me giggle, many a time i wonder if they in truth read the articles or reviews and items before writing or whether or not they barely read over the subject of the blog post and compose the first thing that drifts into their heads. in either case, it is actually nice to read through clever commentary now and then rather than the same, old post vomit that i commonly discover on the web have a pleasant day

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