Healthy Eaters Are Weird

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My friend Eveline was over last night, and it was getting to be time to make dinner. We were talking about what we were going to make.

I was having spaghetti and a big salad. She was having soup, salad and sandwiches.

We started designing our salads.

Oh I had lettuce and broccoli and carrots and maybe some grated cheese. She had lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and some leftover chicken.

Then I said I had to decide what I was going to put into the turkey soup. I had already make the stock, but hadn’t put anything in it. Baby carrots were on sale, and I love cooked carrots – so those were going in, and maybe rice.

She was going to put tomatoes, peas, and green beans in hers.

And then we need carrot cake.

And I want to make split pea soup. Yum!

I was kind of laughing about it later. Most people would look at us like we had grown an extra head or something. Most people don’t eat like we do. But, most people are overweight and on prescription drugs.

We enjoy fresh food almost every day. We never have to diet. We don’t take meds.

It’s really a great way of life. You should try it 😉 Start your new year out healthy!

P.S.  It’s the last day for the holiday sale prices of High Energy Eating and Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak.

P.S.S. I had the turkey soup for lunch. It was yummy.