What should we do about Healthcare? Part One

High cost of health care

Oh, the healthcare system is a mess, isn’t it?

The news reported last week that we can expect up to 43% increases in the ‘affordable‘ marketplace. Nice, right? UGH! Then, when it comes in at only a 25% increase, you’ll be relieved, right? See how they do that?

And then you have to fight the insurance companies tooth and nail to get them to pay for anything. They think that they should be the ones to decide what treatment you need, not your doctor.

Oh, and then there’s the pharmaceutical companies. What about that jerk with the Epi-Pens? Did you watch him smirk as he thumbed his nose at Congress? He’s laughing all the way to the bank. He doesn’t care that someone could die because they can’t afford the pen. All he cares about is the money.

I’ve never been for any of the socialized methods, but the system is such a mess I don’t know that we have another option. For a better understanding of the problems with our healthcare system, you can check out this site – https://www.sandersinstitute.com/issues/healthcare I would make sure to read the report to Congress at a minimum.

That’s it for today. I want you to fully understand what we’re up against.

Tomorrow we’ll go into what we can do about it.

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