Healthcare Horrors

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An old friend of mine emailed me today. She’s quite upset over an interview she heard – and with good reason. If any of this is true about the healthcare legislation – she has a lot to be concerned about.

She is in her late 60’s. Her mom has been fighting cancer for many years now. According to this interview, under the healthcare reform – their lives would be despensible. Not worth the investment. Sounds like something right out of some 1970s b rate movies, doesn’t it?

I am not in the mood to read the legislation right at the moment. I don’t know if this woman is credible or not. The only thing I know for sure is the only helathcare reform that’s going to help you is the reform you make in your own lifestyle. Don’t think for a minute that the government, or the food manufacturers coming out with new “healthy” foods, or the pharmaceutical companies coming out with new wonder drugs actually give a hoot about your health, or your quality of life, or even if you live at all.

You’ve got to start taking this seriously. It’s time to start eating and living right. If you think you can’t afford to get sick now – just wait.

You can listen to the interview that upset my friend here >>>

Click here: Fred Thompson: Interviews


And then, Click here if you’re ready to take control of your health >>>





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7 thoughts on “Healthcare Horrors

  1. Carole Post author

    My daughter just listened to the interview. She pointed out that most of the members of congress are old. hmmmm, interesting…

    She was horrified. You will be too.

  2. Rocque

    Congress does not have to have the health care that they give us. They have elite health care with the finest doctors that we, the taxpayers gladly pay for.

    Why does the AARP (American Association of Retired People)endorse the health plan? They would be killing all their members.

  3. Carole Post author

    I wouldn’t say we glady pay for it. But we were thinking that old geezers in congress would be exempt somehow. I’m thinking many of them are a “burden to society”, what do you think?

    I believe AARP is against the legislation.

    How about that new slick move where they want to change the number of votes needed to pass legislation?

  4. Hugh

    I am worried about the Obama Healthcare Plan. Can it cause costly effects to my parents ? How do the positives outweigh the bad changes?

  5. Ariel

    I doubt anyone has read any of the visneors in their entirety. I also doubt anyone will. How is it that this is suddenly a crime against humanity? Complex bills are always hundreds of pages and they are never read by a single congressional member in their entirety nor do they need to be.Big Daddy: I think in your haste to complain about fdm you missed her point: If not reading the bill is bad why only complain about the Left when the Right are equally guilty? Its a fair point that you and the asker missed in your zeal to whine about the Dems. TYPICAL.

  6. sugru

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