Health, Fitness, and Happiness

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Are you healthy? If not, chances are you’re not very happy.


You might think you’re happy enough. You might be perfectly satisfied with putting in a good days work 5 days a week and being too tired to do much else, other than plop in front of the TV during your spare time. A lot of people are satisfied with that way of life. I don’t know if that’s the same as happy, but they’re comfortable enough to not want to change.


Then there are the people who would like to be healthier, but never actually do anything about it. They’re not happy, but they’re not motivated enough to change – yet.


If you’re hanging on to your unhealthy ways because you think it’s not worth the sacrifice – you’ve been misinformed.


Here’s just a few of the benefits to getting healthy –


You’ll have more self-confidence.


You’ll have more energy to do the things you want to do – whether it’ play with your kids or grandkids, or take up a new hobby, or start a business, or travel, or whatever…


You’ll look great – and you’ll be a whole lot happier when you look in the mirror.


You’ll raise healthier, happier kids.


You won’t get sick often.


You won’t be as depressed.


You’ll think more clearly.


You’ll get more done.


You won’t be spending a lot of money on prescriptions and medical care.


You’ll sleep better and be more rested when you get up.


You’ll be eating food that tastes like food – not chemicals.


You’ll laugh at how old some of your friends look – even though they’re the same age.


You’ll wonder why your kids can’t keep up with you.


You’ll be more likely to try new things.


I mean, think about healthy people that you know. Aren’t they more active, and happier than you are? Wouldn’t you like to have a little bit of what they have?


Take a few small steps this weekend.


Buy some fresh fruits and vegetables – and eat them.


Buy some vitamins.


Take a walk. If it’s too cold outside – you can walk in the mall, or dance, or clean house, or go bowling, or pick up a beginners book on yoga, or pilates, or tai-chi. Or use resistance bands like I do.


Take those first few small steps and see if you don’t get motivated to do more.


And if you start right now, you’ll be looking pretty good by the time you have to break out the shorts and bathing suits – but you’d better hurry up 😉


Won’t that make you a lot happier?


Can how you eat really make you happier?