Health Care Pong

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The battle over health care continues on, and average Joes are left being ping-ponged back and forth.

Both sides have valid arguments, and serious flaws. 

On Obama’s side – Millions of people would now have health insurance. However, it won’t be because they can afford it, but because they are forced to. They will have to take food off the table to buy mandated insurance. In a time when millions have lost their homes and good jobs are hard to come by – this doesn’t seem to be real good timing.

It is absolutely true that millions of people requiring health care who can’t afford it strains our economy. People who go to the emergency room, but cannot pay the bill account for millions in lost revenue.

On the other hand, who can afford it when a trip tot he emergency room can cost $10,000 or more? a 10 or 15 minute visit to a doctor should cost over $100?

Our whole medical care system is so totally out of whack because of insurance company profits.

On the republican side – it is true that the requirement is hurting our economy as businesses pull back on benefits and hiring. I read somewhere this week that we are becoming a part-time nation.

If we could turn back the clock to a time when there were more good jobs that offered benefits, that would solve a lot of the problems.

But what kind of problems will shutting down government create in its wake?

Here’s the thing – 

The reality is that insurance companies have raised their rates in advance of the new law. Even if the law is repealed, those rates will never come back down. No matter what ends up happening – the insurance companies will have larger profits, and the average Joe will be worse off. It seems to be the American way these days, doesn’t it?


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