What to do about Health Care, Part 2

Be Healthy

Yesterday we talked about what a mess the healthcare system is and how much the costs are going up. You were given resources so that you can have a full understanding of the problems with the current system.

There is one simple solution to the healthcare crisis…

Don’t get sick.

I’m deadly serious here.

The first thing you have to understand is that the healthcare system is a money making industry. There is no money in you being healthy. Of course, you won’t go bankrupt that way either…

How do you not get sick?

By living a healthy lifestyle. I wrote about that last week.

But diet and health is a complicated subject. I think a big part of our problem is a lack of information. Its not that the information isn’t out there, its just that for many people – eating the fast foods and packaged fake foods and then taking a pill to deal with the consequences was easier.

That has changed. The consequences are much more severe and costly.

You just can’t poo-poo it anymore. You can’t afford to get sick.

This article is not about the consequences. You already know a lot about that. Its about how to avoid the healthcare system in the first place.

I’m 61 years old and I’ve never been admitted into the hospital except for childbirth. I must be doing something right…

All your life you were told to eat your fruits and vegetables. Do you know why?

“Because they’re good for you.” Not very motivating, is it? So what?

Why are they good for you? Do you know?

You know that broccoli is called a superfood because it has so many nutrients. Did you know that broccoli helps remove excess estrogen from your body? Why is that important? How does the excess estrogen get there in the first place?

And while broccoli is super good for you when eaten raw, to release it’s cancer fighting enzymes it needs to be lightly steamed for just a couple minutes.

Garlic, onions and honey are potent germ fighters. Raw garlic is a natural antibiotic, but for it to be effective, you have to eat it a certain way.

Should you eat meat? Eggs? Corn? Drink milk? You might be surprised at the answers.

Did you know that egg yolks are one of the few sources of Lutein? Its a vitamin that your eyes need.

I told you its a complicated subject. But its also fascinating.

The information has been right here for years, but many people overlook it.

The old member’s database is a collection of articles. Its not the prettiest thing, but its efficient and useful. It has its own search function so you can easily find what you need.

Inside you will find Healthy Foods A-Z. There are 100 foods listed there. It will tell you all the marvelous things each food will do for you. Now that’s a little more motivating, wouldn’t you say?

And then there’s the natural healing section. Find your ailment and it will tell you what foods will help. If your issue isn’t listed, let me know and I’ll be happy to research it for you.

Then, go to the recipe section to find ways to make those foods taste great.

I always look for a natural solution first. Even for the dog. When he had kennel cough, I cured it with honey. When he had kidney stones, I found an article in the Canadian Journal of Veterinary Medicine. My daughter found a vet who would write the prescription for the food they used in the study. Problem solved. No surgery required.

Anyway…That should keep you busy for a while! Now you will be well on your way to not getting sick. And now you can be a pain in the rear at dinner parties talking about why people should eat healthier foods just like me. 😉

When you visit the healthy foods section, tell us in the comments what surprised you the most.

And if you want more help getting started >>>

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    You know what? I hate what’s happening with it. Even in some countries. Healthcare should be affordable. Nevertheless it should be free. It’s health that we are talking about. Why is it even health care should be a business.

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