Having trouble coping?

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If you’ve been on my list for a while, you know I used to have a self improvement course called Whole Life Overhaul. It was a daily course delivered by email. But since email deliverability has gotten very difficult, the program just wouldn’t work anymore. Rebuilding it somehow has been on the back burner. It’s over 1000 pages long!

I was turned on to Mike Kernski last night. As I heard him speak about his life I was thinking, wow, I’ve felt like that myself. I haven’t let you guys in on the many terrible things that have happened in my life. I’ll save that for a novel since no one would believe that one life could have so many terrible things. And here was this guy talking about the depths of despair that I never dared talk about.

It turns out that he has used many of the same coping skills that I did. When you read his free report, you’ll think to yourself, yeah – I’ve heard Carole say that.

Here’s what he says about the report –

       The Human “D Cell” Report!

   “How To Create *Instant* Results And
  Amplify Them In *ANY* Area Of Your Life
Doing Something A Six Year Old Girl Can Do.”

Get your free copy here –

Look at everything you will get out of it (and it is a quick, easy 10 minute read).
o  How to create instant positive results within seconds.

o  How to apply this simple yet powerful principle to every area of your life.

o  Real life examples so you see it in action from job success, relationship success,
   health success, to business success.

o  A super-simple exercise to immediately apply it to your life today.
Pick up your free copy of it today here >>>

Maybe someday i’ll get around to reworking Whole Life Overhaul – maybe not. I think Mike actually does it better.

Pick up his report and give it a try today. You’ll know immediately why I endorse it 😉



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  1. Todd


    I hope you have reworked Whole Life Overhaul, because I just ordered it!

    I’m sure you have, I’m looking forward to it! 🙂


  2. sugru

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