Have your healthy eating habits slipped?

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Now that you’re all settling back into a routine –have you noticed that you’ve slipped back into unhealthy eating habits?

You might think that you’re saving time by grabbing fast food, or some instant stuff – but in reality, you’re only saving a few minutes.

And the down side?

Are you and/or your kids feeling sluggish in the afternoon?

Are you all too wiped out to do anything more than plop in front of the TV at night?

Are your kids having behavior problems?

Have you been more irritable and depressed, and overwhelmed?

Have you had a cold already?

Those are all sure signs that your eating habits have slipped a bit. But don’t worry, you can start feeling results in just a few days when you get back to a healthy eating plan.

Here are the absolute essentials of a healthy eating plan –

Eat 5 – 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. You can consider a glass of orange juice, or cranberry juice, or tomato juice, or V8 as a serving. Just make sure you’re getting some dark greens and some fresh fruit in there every day too. You can knock off 2 or 3 servings with a good salad every day.

I highly recommend one glass of orange juice, and one glass of cranberry juice a day. Both are highly beneficial. So is purple grape juice and tomato juice.

An ad in a recent Avon flyer said that “Vitamin C helps repair sun damage – Brighter more ever-toned skin in just 2 weeks!” Of course, they are trying to sell their Vitamin C serum, but the truth is, it works fine if you eat and drink things containing vitamins C, and take your vitamins – you will see results in less than 2 weeks! And you’ll get sick less often too.

I’ve written before about the wonders of cranberry juice. It really is amazing stuff. People used it forever to take care of kidney infections, but it also helps leg cramps, removes plaque from your arteries and your teeth, helps keep your gums healthy, helps flush out toxins, and helps build your immune system. Great stuff.

Get packaged foods out of your diet. They are filled with chemicals and corn syrup, and have few if any nutrients. And they taste bad.

There are tons of resources where you can learn to whip up healthy meals fast – from my cookbook, to Rachel Ray.

Drop the pop. It’s probably the worst thing for you. One can of pop a day can equal a weight gain of 10 pounds in a year. Plus, it’s bad for your teeth, causes sugar spikes, doesn’t quench your thirst, and has no nutrients. Diet pop is even worse for you, and now they are saying that diet pop is a leading cause of obesity.

We weren’t meant to eat chemicals. Get as many of them out of your diet as you can as quickly as possible. Replace them with great tasting nutrient rich foods.

Thousands of people are jumping on the healthy eating bandwagon. Last I checked, there were 6,771 searches a day for “healthy eating.”

It’s the surest way to cut your medical expenses!

Even putting all of that why you should stuff aside, it is so much more enjoyable to sit down and eat a good meal.

Last night I had a pork chop, sweet potato, broccoli salad, green onions and applesauce. (I think there’s a law that you have to have apple sauce with pork chops, isn’t there?)

Tonight I had a chicken breast, salad with green leaf lettuce, broccoli, and home grown tomatoes, buttered noodles, and cantaloupe.

We’re talking 15-minute dinners here. Great tasting and full of nutrients that will make you look and feel great.

If you haven’t jumped on the healthy eating bandwagon yet – what are you waiting for?