Have a plan – get thin

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You’re just about to bite into that fast food burger and fries when a little voice inside your head whispers “you know you shouldn’t be eating that.”


As a matter of fact, not half an hour ago you were telling your friend how fat you are and that you really need to lose weight.


But that’s not even the worst of it.


You know 3 people who’ve been diagnosed with Cancer in the last few months, your best friend just started insulin shots, and your doctor is threatening to put you on blood pressure medication.


You shrug and join the chorus of “getting old is hell.”


But there’s this growing fear – What will happen to me?


Will you be on blood pressure meds the rest of your life?


Will you get diabetes and not be able to eat the foods you love?


Will you not be able to recognize your family – and get lost wandering the neighborhood?


Will you get Cancer?


And the truth is, if you keep eating the way most Americans eat, there’s a good probability that you will end up with at least one of the ‘Lifestyle Diseases.”


Oh, but you say – “There was this article recently that said that the American life expectancy was up!”


That’s true. There was. Later in that same article it said that there are 40 countries with longer life expectancies.


40 countries have longer life expectancies than the good ol US of A? How can that be?


Simple. They don’t eat the junk we do. They eat real food.


All of those “Lifestyle Diseases” are largely preventable. Just eat 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, cut out the packaged and fast foods and get more activity into your life. Just follow this lifestyle and you’ll dramatically just your risk of disease. Now, you never have to buy another health or diet book ever. You just learned the whole secret.


But if you’re at all like me – you want to have the energy you did in your 20s and 30s, be thin, strong and healthy, and look forever 35. And you want your kids to have a healthy lifestyle and avoid disease too. We all want our kids to be smart, healthy, and happy, don’t we?


You can do all of that by changing the way you eat.


Now don’t go getting all negative on me. Eating healthy doesn’t mean tofu, steel rolled oats, and all of this other weird stuff you see floating around. It’s not nearly as hard and mysterious as people make it out to be.


As a matter of fact, I’m a single mom and a business owner. I don’t have time to be putting out gourmet meals. It’s got to be fast, easy, and healthy. I don’t have time for us to be sick either.


You need a plan. (That’s why I wrote High Energy Eating for you.)


Most of your unhealthy eating habits are caused by forgetting to plan, don’t you agree? You forgot to take something out of the freezer, or you forgot something at the store – and you’re too tired to deal with it. It happens to me once in a while too.


And even then, how do you plan healthy meals that you can make fast?


OK, here’s a basic 101 on healthy meal planning.


First, find out what food will help you accomplish your health goals.


Do you want to lose weight?


Do you want to help prevent cancer?


Do you want to keep your blood pressure or sugar levels under control?


Do you want to look younger, have more energy…


Whatever your health goals, find the foods that will help you achieve them. If you already own High Energy Eating, just go to the foods guides 😉


Now, make a list of all the foods you and your family should be eating. Sort them by putting the foods you like at the top of the list.


If you do sale paper menu planning like I’ve taught you, it will be easy to plan your menus for the next week – cheap.


And if you’re eating a healthy diet, you can just shop the outside edge of the store and be out in a flash.


And, most of your fresh fruits and vegetables don’t even need to be cooked. How fast is that? If you have fruits and veggies, and a piece of meat, chicken, or fish on hand – you can make a dinner in a flash.


So there you have it, the basics of a healthy eating plan.


Happy eating!