Hard to work on Sunday


I have a really hard time working on Sunday. To me, it’s a day for rest – just like the Bible says it should be. I enjoy Sunday. I think it’s my favorite day.


So, if I don’t have to work at the ‘job’, I try not to have a bunch of work to do on Sunday. Oh, I’ll putter and do little things, but typically I don’t schedule any major work.


But suddenly, I have people signing up for Whole Life Overhaul. That was really unexpected. I thought I had more time! Sign of the times I suppose.


So I really had to get it in gear today. I had to have the new system up and running by 11 PM in order for the new people to get their lessons on the right days.


Thankfully it all seems to be working. I didn’t blow anything up this time!


I was talking to one of the first students to go through the course a few years ago. I said that I was reworking the course. She was telling me how much she enjoyed the course. But then I mentioned a portion that I thought needed work, she said, “oh yeah, I didn’t like that part. I thought it was boring.” Why didn’t she tell me that years ago? Sheesh!


In any event, I’ve reworked and reloaded the first 2 months. I still have quite a bit of work ahead of me – but that’s OK. I was just going to let the course die out – but it seems it’s still very much needed, especially with things going the way they are. So, since this course is going to be around for a while, I finally bought it it’s own domain, and it’s own software.


I needed classical music today. I just couldn’t concentrate with a bunch of noise. Only problem is, my dog sings to the beginning of Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro, which happens to be one of my favorite pieces. He also sings to John Mayer’s ‘When You’re Dreaming with a Broken Heart’, but that’s not a favorite of mine. The dog loves broccoli too. Yep, he’s a strange one.  


So, where was I going with that? Oh yeah –


I also had Styx in the player because another one of my favorite songs is ‘Show Me the Way.”


I thought I’d share it with you this Sunday. Ok, it’s technically Monday, but in my life, it’s still Sunday until I’ve gone to bed. It’s not Monday until I get up, OK? Here’s the video –


I think that’s a wrap. I’m going to go end this Sunday with a nice hot shower and hit the sack.


Hey, with school starting next week in many areas, it’s a good time to start your own Whole Life Overhaul. The next session will start next Monday morning – Hope to see you there.



8 thoughts on “Hard to work on Sunday

  1. Carole

    Hi Stacy,

    First – here is a copy of the email that I sent you on the day you bought the ebook –

    Hi Stacy,

    Thanks for your purchase of Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak. I’ll bet you’re anxious to get started! But I see you didn’t make it through to the download page.

    Here’s the link again – (link removed)

    Remember to enter your name and email to get into the download page.




    This is an example of what I’ve talked about. Here you have 2 people trying to send an email to each other – but the emails aren’t getting through. As a result – you think I’m not responding, or that I’m a rip off.

    I respond immediately when I see someone has not downloaded. I don’t even wait for them to come to me saying that they didn’t get it. I know they didn’t get it. Most of the time it’s because people didn’t enter their name and email to get into the download page. The same people who don’t want to enter their email have their spam filters set so high that I can’t get an email through. I have a few of these every single week, and let me tell you – it’s really frustrating.

    Your refund is on it’s way. Sorry it didn’t work out.

  2. Stacy Troup

    Carole, I apologize if I sounded harsh. Yes, like you I was very frustrated also. No, I did not get the above e-mail. I would still like to receive the book. I will try again. Again I apologize. I just feel there should be a phone number listed in situations like mine where you cannot get an e-mail through.

  3. Carole

    Hi Stacy,

    Thanks so much for buying the ebook again. That meant a lot to me. Apology was not necessary, but I appreciate that too.

    I sent you another message. Check your junk folder and see if it’s there.

  4. Jan Emo

    Hey Carole,

    Tried emailing the answer to the contest question about the singing dog to you at mother@commensenseliving but it got sent back so figured I’d come back and leave
    the answer here.

    beginning of Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro

    It’s sad that more people don’t eat supper together at home. A girl I used to babysit for
    was shocked when she ate supper with us; I made the usual meat and potatoes, deviled
    eggs, biscuits, salad and sliced tomato’s and cucumbers. She only eats fast food. She
    has never eaten homemade mashed potato’s.

    This summer I slipped and let the kids eat supper at their computers but now that school
    is back in session; it’s back to the kitchen table together.

  5. Mother

    Yep, the answer is Marriage of Figaro.

    Jan was the first correct answer. The gas card will be on it’s way!

    And yes, it really is sad that more families don’t eat together for one, and don’t eat real food.

    And even though the dinner Jan describes is calorie intensive, she’s gotten in a few servings of vegetables. And because she makes it fresh, it has fewer calories and chemicals than the packaged fake versions. Plus, it tastes a whole lot better! I’m all for that!

    If you want a close relationship with your kids and you want them to grow up healthy and well adjusted, eat a real dinner at the table as often as you can.

    Looks like Jan is a winner in more ways than one!

    If you don’t know why Jan won a gas card, you need to subscribe to the email list 😉

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