Happy Thanksgiving!

Its finally here – Turkey day!

The dishes are washed and ready. The house is clean. The pumpkin pies are made, and another loaf of pumpkin bread for the morning.

Thanksgiving day will be pretty easy for me. Gosh, I’ve done this for a lot of years! And having all my recipes at the site has made things a lot easier too 😉 I hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving planner and access to some of my favorite holiday recipes.

There’s just one more important thing to do before I hit the sack

That’s letting you know how much I appreciate you reading my ramblings. I do hope that I’ve made your life better in at least some small way. I enjoy hearing from you, even when you have something bad to say. Many of you have been reading this blog for years. I thank you for sticking around so long.

I hope you have a wonderful day filled with awesome food, and surrounded with family and/or friends.

And drive safe.

See you soon –


1 thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Debbie

    Happy Thanksgiving Carole to you and your family.
    I thoroughly enjoy reading each and everyone of your “ramblings”. I am not as organized as you yet but I am getting there. We’re having our dinner at mama’s house as we usually do. We all contribute several dishes but she still makes the best turkey and dressing, so we “let” her do that part of the meal. Me, I am famous for my whipped potatoes (the stickier the better), homemade mac and cheese and pecan pie. So I better get packing up and get on the road.

    Thanks for everything,

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