Happy Non GMO Day

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I’m serious – it’s now got its own day. October is now non-GMO month, in addition to being breast cancer awareness month, and national chili month.

And 10-10-10 is Non GMO Day.

So what do you do on Non-GMO Day?

You do not buy or consume anything that contains GMOs. That leaves out most packaged foods. But there’s a handy Non GMO shopping guide at Non-GMO Project, http://www.nongmoproject.org/

There’s still a lot of great fresh food available at farmer’s markets and farmstands – so its easy this time of year.

Visit http://www.groceryheadquarters.com/articles/2010-10-06/October-is-NonGMO-Month for more information.

Visit RebelWithaFork.com for hundreds of delicious ideas.

Happy healthy eating!

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