Guaranteed Income – For Them

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OK, this isn’t the first time I’m writing about this subject.

Guaranteed Income for them, means a messed up bank account for you.

What am I talking about?

All of these big ebook giveaways that are so popular now. And why are these guys giving away so much stuff? To hook you into the recurring monthly billing. That’s right – they all have a little sentence at the end that syas you will receive their newest product for a discounted price per month.

But they pile on so much stuff, if you’re like me – you figure you’ll just cancel before you get billed. If you’re like me, you miss it every time.

The really sad thing is, there hasn’t been one that I’ve wanted to stay with.  Especially at $27, $29, $47 a month. Plus, it will take me months to read all the stuff they gave me in the first place.

And I’ll tell you what – when a couple thousand people forget to cancel in time – that’s a pretty good payday, don’t you think?

So yes, membership sites are a quick money idea. Not a good long term idea because you really piss off your customers, but yeah, you can make some quick money. All these make money guys are scrambling to find ways to make a consistent income every month.

But they right such good sales copy that they have you salivating – even though the product is usually disappointing. And all the stuff they give you. You’d be crazy to pass it up, right? How can you resist?

For me, the answer is unsubscribe, unsubscribe, unsubscribe.

“But Carole, don’t you run a recurring billing site too?”

Yes, I do. I have for years. It’s $4.95 a week. If you decide it’s not for you – you can cancel at anytime. If you miss the billing cut off and you ask nice – I refund it. I don’t want you taking food off your table or suffering in any way. And I never want you to be leary of doing business with me. Afterall, Mother only wants the best for you 🙂

I guess that’s why these guys are a lot richer than I am.

But I’m a firm believer in what goes around, comes around.

On the other hand – you know full well, just as I do, when you sign up for these things, there is recurring billing. If we forget to cancel in time – it’s not their fault. If you signed up for 5 of them in one month, it’s not their fault.

And you already know that they can write the best sales letters on earth – that can sell ice to an eskimo. They’ll get you every time.

For me, the only solution is to avoid the temptations altogether and unsubscribe. Besides, cutting a large number of emails a day that will tempt me to spend money I don’t have, when I need to be doing something more productive in the first place – seems like a good idea, don’t ya think?

Besides, I need that moeny for gas!

Have any thoughts on the issue?