Great Summer Eating

Steaks on a grill

Steaks on a grill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The summer party season has officially kicked off with a long 4th of July weekend this year!

Its the season of fresh and easy meals and lots of fun.

If you’re having a small group, shish kabobs are always fun and delicious.

Food on a stick is always fun, and people who might not otherwise eat vegetables manage to eat them when they’ve been marinated and cooked on the grill.

If you’re having a larger group, you might want to try marinating chuck steaks overnight. Make a few salads and cut up fresh fruits and vegetables. Cook the steaks on a hot grill just until they reach medium rare for best flavor. Its easy and impressive. I did it one year with pot roasts. That worked too. Everyone ate it up!

Corn on the cob is another great summer cookout food. It doesn’t really matter if you serve it off the grill, or out of a kettle. One party I was at, they had melted butter in a big tumbler so people could just dip the corn and it would be instantly buttered. How ingenious is that?

Add potato salads, coleslaws, and fresh fruits, and you have some good eating. You could just put out bowls of fresh fruits and vegetables without any cooking required!Ā 

I love good food šŸ™‚

You can find all kinds of recipes for the grill here –

Potato salad with egg and mayonnaise

Potato salad with egg and mayonnaise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Find all kinds of salad recipes here –

We go through a lot of lemonade. You can find some different beverage ideas here –

Remember that food should not be out longer than 2 hours. If your party is going to require that you have food out longer, break it into smaller bowls and only put out half at a time.

Have a great holiday weekend!

And let’s not forget the people who have risked everything to make these weekends possible.

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