Have Great Body by Summer

Ahh, Summer. You’ll need some new outfits. Are you dreading
it? Maybe you look a little tired? Bags under your eyes? Maybe
you dread wearing summer clothes?

Well, let’s whip you into shape! You can lose some weight, start
losing those bags under your eyes, have a glowing complexion,
strengthen your immune system, and have tons of energy.

But you’d better get started NOW!

Here are 10 easy things you can do to start looking and feeling
better right away, and lose some of that weight before summer
– without suffering a bit.

1. Drink 8 glasses of water throughout the day.

Ø It fills you.

Ø It satisfies your thirst, which is often mistaken for hunger.

Ø It flushes out toxins and wastes (including fat.)

Ø It keeps your organs working their best, which means
they can absorb nutrients, get rid of the garbage, your
skin will look better, you’ll think better, you’ll
have more energy, and you’ll burn more calories.

2. Make 5 – 7 a Priority.

Even if you change nothing else, make eating at least 5
servings of vegetables and fruits a priority each day.

At mealtime, eat the fruits and vegetables first, leaving
less room for the worse things on your plate.
You’ll be surprised at how big a difference this one
little change will make.

3. Eat Something From Every Food Group Every Day.

Your body needs all sorts of foods to operate its best,
including fats and some sugar. The better your body works,
the better you feel, and the more calories you burn. Be leery
of any diet that tells you to eliminate an entire food group.
It’s not healthy, and it will be hard to stick with.

4. Added Nutrition.

At a minimum, take a good vitamin and mineral supplement
everyday. It’s almost impossible to get every single nutrient
your body needs everyday just by diet alone. Besides, who
has the time to spend counting calories and nutrients?

5. Get Some Sort Of Exercise Every Day.

Get at least 30 minutes of active exercise every day.
Take a walk, take the stairs, vacuum, dance, just get
moving. Even if it’s 10-minute spurts a few times a day.
It doesn’t have to be earth shattering.

6. Cook Fresh Dinners.

Fast food and prepared foods have a lot of saturated fat, salt,
chemicals, and they don’t taste all that great. Cook healthy
is really very fast and easy. Use lots of raw vegetables and
fruits. No cooking required!

7. Get Enough Sleep.

Your body repairs itself while you sleep. You’re even burning
calories! When you don’t get enough sleep, you tend to
compensate by eating a lot of empty calories that further
drain your energy.

8. Try Not To Over Schedule Yourself.

When you’re running around like crazy it’s too easy to just
grab junk food – which only drains your energy even more.

9. Eat All Day.

The secret is to keep your body fueled all day. Most people
make the mistake of not eating all day, and then eating too
much at night when you’re not going to do enough to burn
it off. (But stop eating when you’re full.)

10. Stop Eating a Couple of Hours Before Bed.

If you feel hungry at bedtime, have a piece of cheese and a
few baked crackers just to take the edge off. It’s actually
not good to go to bed hungry. But stay away from sugar
and caffeine before bed.

The truth is, it’s not that hard to lose weight. Just by following
these 10 simple tips you will start losing weight almost effortlessly.

Want to speed it up more? Cut our saturated fats and pop, and
get more exercise. The whole key to losing weight is to burn
more than you take in. In time, once you’ve mastered better
eating habits, you can make it mathematically impossible to gain weight.

The question isn’t “can you lose weight”. Of course you can.
The question is, will you? Get started today – be a knockout this summer!


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3 thoughts on “Have Great Body by Summer

  1. Thomas S.Lesher

    I’ve been on many diets and eating plans but…. Suzanne Somers’ books are fantastic. I’ve bought and read both of her books. I started to Somerize in October and I’m now down 24 pounds. At first I thought how confusing but I just started and now it’s an everyday part of life. Giving up caffine was the best thing I could of done. I now drink decafe and it taste the same! The receipes in her books are GREAT! and easy to prepare and cook. My goal for the Holiday’s was to maintain my weight and I did! I even lost 3 pounds during the Holiday’s. I enjoyed what I wanted and had the greatest Holiday’s ever. Thanks to Suzanne Somers’ and her brillant research!

  2. Ashley Brown

    I have finally found an eating plan that is nutritional and also great for weight loss without feeling deprived. Thank you, Suzanne! I know some people say that weight combining is old hat and this book is just a copy of others, but sometimes it takes a famous person to get the point across. I commend you for that. I have lost 11 lbs. since I started this diet in early January after those holiday feasts took their toll. I did have the obligatory sugar withdrawal headache for one day, but after that it was easy. The weight came off gradually, but steadily. I have never been hungry. I have eaten more fruits and vegetables than I have in years and am hoping that my rising cholesterol will be abated by this eating plan. The recipes are great and even if you don’t lose weight, it seems to be a healthy eating plan. What have you got to lose?!?!?!?

  3. Laticia Lannom

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