Governments making it hard to live off the grid

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Rainwater harvesting systems channel rainwater...

Rainwater harvesting systems channel rainwater from a roof into a storage tank via an arrangement of gutters and pipes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t we all dream of living off the grid? Getting rid of utility bills and providing our own energy?

I know a few people who are not entirely off the grid, but they use far fewer resources than many of us. You would think that will dwindling resources that the initiated would be encouraged, if not at least left alone.

Here is a video that tells about some of the problems people have faced when trying to live off the grid. Most of these situations vary by area. In my area we have many people on well and septic, so they are not attached to any water or sewer service. The village sells rain barrels. So don’t think that this is a big national problem, just things to be aware of.

Common Sense would tell you to check ordinances. If they are not friendly for what you want to do, moving may be easier.

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