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Happy Monday!

The Elections are here. Oh Goodie. Don’t the love having
to choose the lesser evil?

Over the weekend, I was reading some of the political
candidates information in the papers. A big part of the
discussion had to do with health care costs, and how
does the government handle the skyrocketing health
care costs? I thought to myself, why are we having this
conversation in the first place?

The reason is – people need the government to protect
them from themselves.

A couple of candidates actually did mention increasing
preventative programs. That’s a great idea, but it won’t

When you have 60% of the population overweight, and
by my experience – I think 90% who refuse to eat right,
it’s obvious to me that people would rather continue to
kill themselves through diet than change.

Everyone knows that they need to eat 5-7 servings of
fruits and vegetables, at a minimum.

What would happen if everyone were actually doing that?

We would have less heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and
all the other horrid diseases that are skyrocketing.

And if people were to actaully eat a healthy dinner with
their families on a regular basis – we would have less
learning problems, less gangs and violence, more self
confident, smarter, and healthier kids.

But that’s not the case, is it?

No, we have people insisting on stuffing themselves on
fast food and packaged foods, refusing to eat healthy foods,
and them complaining that they can’t afford the health-
care costs that come with it.

So, as a taxpayer, how much money do you want to pay into
the health care pool, when theses problems could be easily
solved at home?

Like everything else, there are 2 sides to the story.

So, we have established that the population is weak
and has no self-control or self discipline and requires the
government to protect them from themselves. In this case,
that would be the FDA. They approve all this stuff that’s
in these fake foods that is killing off the population. And
then they approve the drugs that are needed to combat
the effects of these killing foods. In the name of money –
the big businesses, both food and drug companies, are
able to pull a lot of strings.

So where does that leave you?

That leaves you fueling the whole machine. As long as
they can make money with the system the way it is,
it’s really not going to change. Once the majority of
the people wake up from the commercial trance and
start eating healthy, you will see a big change.

If people stop buying the fast foods and packaged
foods that are killing them, the food industry will be
forced to change, or go out of business.

People won’t need the drugs that they need now.
Diseases will start to decline. The healthy care costs
will start to drop like a rock.

Seniors will have a better quality of life and be able to
be independent longer.

Talk about draining the big money machine!

Will that ever happen? I kinda doubt it. If people already
know that they can prevent, and even cure disease by
changing the way they eat; if they already know that
they can feel better, have less pain, and have more energy-
and yet they choose to continue killing themselves –
what chance do we really have of changing anything?

So, if you really feel you’re not able to change your eating
habits, then vote for the candidate that promises that we
will all continue to pay the costs.

Eat a salad and have a great day!


a.k.a. – ‘Mother’