Government Health Conspiracy?

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It was released that this last winter was the warmest in history. I gasped when I read that headline. It sure wasn’t here. Sure enough, the US had the 3rd coldest February in 113 years.

Information can be manipulated in a number of ways, can’t it?

I’ve been watching the battle between the FDA and nutritionists, and vitamin companies. It seems that the FDA wants to regulate all medical claims – period. So, if I tell you that broccoli can help remove excess estrogen from your body, and why this is important, I could be thrown in jail. The FDA would have to approve the claim that cranberry juice reduces inflammation – even though people have used it for years to stay healthy. Huh?

‘Broccoli removes excess estrogen’, or ‘Broccoli can remove excess estrogen’, or ‘cranberries fight inflammation’ are all health claims.

It’s a two edged sword.

There are unscrupulous vendors out there who will tell you that their product cures every disease known to man, and of course when you buy it – some are made of low quality ingredients, or may not even have the ingredients it claims.

There are many so called natural substances, vitamins, herbs and such that are not regulated. If you take an Omega 3 supplement from one manufacturer, it may not contain what it claims, whereas another brand might be far superior. Because it’s not regulated, you as a consumer will have a hard time knowing the difference. You would have to spend a lot of time researching.

On the other hand – the outcry is that the FDA is in the Pharmaceutical companies’ pockets and will do anything to protect their profits, even if it means discrediting natural cures that could save not only tons of money, but your life as well.

There are stories of the FDA acting like the old mob – attempting to silence anyone who dares to challenge the profit machine. I mean, really scary stuff. Read more about the FDA’s antics here. Prepare to be sickened.

And truth in labeling? What a laugh that is. If you’re counting on packaged foods to give you nutrition, believe me when I tell you that you are not getting what you think you are. By the time they break down an element, like a grain for instance, you lose the nutrients. But they add synthetic nutrients to supposedly make up for what they took out. The resulting ‘food’ (I use the term loosely) has little resemblance to what you think you’re eating.

Is there a conspiracy to keep you fat and sick? I believe to a certain extent, there is. There’s a lot of money to be made. Money they wouldn’t be making if you were healthy. Think about how much less money would be spent on Doctors, prescriptions, hospitals, weight loss products, and even clothing. So far, vitamins and healthy eating are cheap in comparison. There’s just not much money to be made off you if you’re well.

So, do I think that the FDA wants to keep nutrition information from you? I don’t think it’s that exactly. I think it’s more a way for Big Pharma to make money in the vitamin business now that everyone is wising up. If vitamins are regulated – then the profit machine can be the ‘authorized’ sellers, and the prices will skyrocket. That’s my prediction.

But what about the fact that they want to regulate juice if it makes a health claim? You know, like lycopene in tomato juice helps prevent heart disease. You wouldn’t be able to say that without FDA approval. OK, maybe I need to take off my rose colored glasses…

But just in case they do intend to silence all of the healthy eating information, I would learn as much as I could now. Then we can pass it around in an underground movement just like in the early biblical times. At least we’ll be healthy criminals.

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a.k.a. ‘Mother’