Got Beef?

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Our Thanksgiving was wonderful – full of family and great food. I am thankful that everyone was able to come, and that all of the food turned out great. But I’ll tell you what …

I don’t want to see poultry. Nothing with wings of any kind.

I don’t want to see another Pumpkin until next September. I am totally pumpkined out. Someone gave me more pumpkins. I roasted and pureed them and threw it in the freezer. I have a bag of pumpkin seeds. No More Pumpkin!

Potatoes I’m not that big on potatoes in the first place, and I have had my fill. Enough already!

I want beef, pasta, and maybe even a pizza. Pot roast? Steak Dijon? Oh, and lots of salad.

I hope that your Thanksgiving was great – and that you have a great week ahead.


P.S. The Food Safety Bill is up in the Senate tomorrow afternoon. Learn more about why your voice needs to be heard today –

If this disturbs you, follow this link to email your Senators –

How have your Senators voted so far?

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