Gosh, I hated doing this!


Pictures and video. You have to have them on your site, right?

I hate pictures of myself. My eyes are always half shut, or I have some weird look on my face.

Anyway, my sister came over yesterday, and we took pictures. Most were immediately discarded. Then to try to find something where I didn’t look too weird…

For the project we did yesterday, thankfully we needed full body shots.

You can see our project from yesterday here >>>

I still have to work on headshots. UGH.

Anyone have picture-taking secrets?

Please leave some if you do!


2 thoughts on “Gosh, I hated doing this!

  1. Jenny

    The best tip that I can give is to not hide from the camera. I used to hate taking pictures. I would pull my head back which would give me a double chin even though I am thin. I would slouch over making my stomach look bigger than it really is. The more I did these things, the worse the pictures looked and the worse I felt. It was a never ending cycle. So, to take a good picture, stand up straight, hold your head up high and smile like you are actually happy to be taking a picture. It will improve your pictures immensely.

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