Getting Cabin Fever

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How was your weekend? Mine was pleasant enough, but…

I stayed busy – got the car fixed, knocked out some spring cleaning like that place above the stairs that you can’t reach to paint, wall paper, or clean. The spiders all hang out up there. I couldn’t stand it anymore! I cleaned and oiled a lot of the wood. But then I had to break out –

I took the 2 mile walk Saturday. It was cold 🙁

I want to be outside without 20 layers of clothing!


Then rain and freezing rain made Sunday another washout. We still have the freezing rain, and snow is coming to top it off. We dodged the one foot of snow. I feel sorry for you guys up North.

For all of you who are off today – try to enjoy it. I’m off to sled down the icy roads to work.

Have a great week. Spring is coming. Honest.