Getting back to real life

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So, the first real week of this year has been a total loss for most of us. Dealing with mother nature can sometimes take all of our time and throw our lives into total chaos.

Now the holidays are behind us, and hopefully the worst weather is done. Its time to get back on track.

As crazy as life was last week, one thing I did do was eat better. I know that I need every bit of energy I can summon to get through times like this. One night I had a barbecued chicken sandwich, baked potato and salad. Another night – pork chop, stuffing and green beans, simple stuff.

I had cut, blanched and froze a bunch of green beans, so they were easy. I definitely will do that again! See the Freezer Preserving section for instructions. I had made a loaf of pumpkin bread the night before the weather turned bad, so I had a great grab and go morning snack.

My Christmas decorations were still up. This is the time when I do the bulk of my spring cleaning. I wash all the knick-knaks and wash the silk arrangements. I polish all the shelves and tables, since they are emptied off anyway.

The Christmas decorations are now all safely tucked away. The rest of the spring cleaning I’ll do a little at a time. We’ve got at least a couple of months before it gets warm…

It feels good to have life back in order!

How about you? Are you settled into a healthy routine?