Getting Ahead – Monday Motivational

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I have a confession. I secretly went out and got a job. But I can’t tell you where – because some of them read this blog 😉 We’ll just say it’s a large operation. And I’m back in customer service and sales.

We were pulled into a group meeting. Turns out that our department had been ‘secret’ shopped. And we’re not talking a small department. The manager was lamenting that we had gotten horrible scores – “Except for Carole.”

I had mixed feelings about that. Yes, I was proud to be singled out for doing a good job, but I was also dismayed. I mean for one thing, this company has tried to pound it into people’s head that they expect great customer service. Why haven’t people taken that messages seriously?

People aren’t going to pay you for just showing up anymore. Those days are over. You have to be good at what you do.

But I’ll tell you a little secret. It’s really easy to get ahead if you just do a little bit more – because so few people do – you have little competition.

Consider this your Monday Motivational 😉

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