get past excuses for losing weight

I thought I’d reach out to try to find out what exactly is stopping you from losing weight.

 You see, I know that losing weight is not hard. But people don’t do it, and I don’t understand why.

What makes people want to eat food that tastes like grease and chemicals?

Why do people absolutely refuse to eat right?

 I need you to tell me so I can help more people get over this hump – whatever it is.

 Do you think healthy food must taste bad?

Do you need to know more about how to eat a healthy diet? My mom was not a good role model in this area either!

 Do you think healthy food takes too much time to make?

Do you think that you can’t lose weight?

Are you afraid that people will make fun of you if you make healthier food choices?

Are you afraid of what life might be like if you look great? Don’t roll your eyes – That is a real reason for some people who’ve been burned by love. Many people do find that it feels safer to be unattractive.

Do you have more belief in the power of pills than diet for maintaining good health? Many people don’t believe that you can control type II diabetes, high blood pressure, or your risk for cancers, and many other ‘lifestyle’ diseases by eating right. They believe that they are destined to a life of prescription meds. Are you one of these people?

Or, on the other hand – Do you think you can eat whatever you want as long as you have these pills available to save your life?

Which brings me right back to – Why do people want to eat food that tastes like grease and chemicals?

Tell me your reasons for not eating a healthy diet.



a.k.a. – ‘Mother’




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  1. brl

    unable to unprogram my mind and not strong in certain traits I feel are needed, such as:
    not scared to step out and research

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