No One Tells You How to Like Eating Healthier

My kind of fast food

That’s my kind of fast food!


The American Psychological Association says,
“Studies have shown that women who exercise regularly, eat right, get sufficient sleep and find satisfaction in their work and personal lives have LESS depression, anxiety and illnesses, such as heart disease.”

So why does eating healthier seem so dang hard?

Most of the stuff they’re feeding you about healthy eating is a crock. I don’t know why they make is sound so disgusting and hard. No wonder they can’t get anyone on board.

No One Ever Tells you How to Like Healthy Eating!

I’m a bit of a Rebel – or would you say food snob?

I never really liked most packaged foods. They taste like chemicals.

But I never bought into the extreme ‘healthy eating’ trends either. Tofu? Soy burgers? Really? No Thanks!


chicken wrap

Keep chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and tortillas make fast dinners


I remember how hard it seemed when I decided that we were going to eat healthier.

We didn’t eat terrible, but I depended on hot dogs and mac n cheese, and fast food once a week. We didn’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. My daughter drank too much pop. And we ate too many packaged sweets. 

My daughter was a micro-preemie and always prone to respiratory problems. It seemed like she was always sick. I was always getting calls at work from the nurse’s office to come pick up my daughter.

Things had to change – but how?


Chicken Teriyaki with Vegetables

Let me ask you this… What did they eat before packaged foods?

We ate real foods that packaged foods try desperately to chemically copy. Once you get used to eating real food, you can actually taste the chemicals. Yeah, its gross. 

I was raised in that time. It seemed like the best meals took so long to prepare. How could I manage that as a single working mom with a picky little kid? 


What if you could make healthier food at home that tastes better than most restaurants?

Food that would actually give you energy instead of leaving you feeling lazy?

Food that would reduce your risk of serious illness like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, auto-immune diseases and more…

What if it was fast, easy, and inexpensive?

And what if you started losing weight without really trying?



Healthy & Happy

You can have a healthy sexy body that you’re proud of, and healthy thriving kids

I’m going to help you with all of that.

I’ve been a single mom for over 20 years. Yep – I’ve been doing this a looooong time! I still put dinner on the table almost every night.

Everything I made had to be fast, and inexpensive and taste good. I didn’t have much time or money, yet I managed to put good meals on the table almost every night. Even when we were on food stamps.

Once we started eating healthier, my daughter went for 2 years without a trip to the doctor – and this trip was for a school check up. He pronounced her asthma free. She was finally doing well!

And I accidentally dropped to a size 2. If you ever read the stories on the National Weight Registry, or even People magazine, you’ll see that most people lose weight just by eating healthier, eating reasonable portions, and getting more exercise.

My sister had the same result. She started to eat healthier for health reasons. She was vegetable phobic in the beginning. I showed her how to start learning to like vegetables. She calls me up one night saying, “I think I’m losing too much weight.” Her boyfriend lost over 100 pounds. Can you imagine?

The whole secret to sticking with it is to eat mostly healthy. You still want to enjoy life!

Outdoor Party

And what is one thing that brings us together? Good Food, right?

  • We go out to eat
  • We have barbecues
  • We have holiday dinners

So how do you balance this all out so you can lose weight, get healthy, and look and feel great, and still have fun?

Its certainly not by dieting…

The problem with all these restrictive diets is that you get bored, you feel deprived, and your willpower dies. Its no fun. Then you gain all the weight right back.

I love this one – people diet and lose the weight, and then go back to eating the way they did when they put on all the weight. What did they think would happen? Sigh…


But when you know how to make easy healthy meals using real food – all of those problems disappear. 

You’re not eating all the chemicals, fats, sugars and sodium that are in packaged and fast foods – which are really what’s causing your problems.

You never feel deprived and you lose weight without really trying. You never feel like you’re on a diet because you’re not.

(You don’t have to completely give up your guilty pleasures. A good pizza is still one of my favorites. I just don’t eat it once a week anymore, and it has to be fresh – not frozen.)



Its not rocket science, but boy – in the beginning it seems really hard.

I’m going to give you everything I know about how to make this work for you. See – I have one big advantage. I was raised when we still made real food from scratch (and clothing bigger than a size 16 was almost impossible to find.) I just figured out how to do it faster.

Now You are going to be a wiz at this too!

Introducing Rebel With a Fork – How to get healthy, lose weight, have more energy and look and feel great with a healthier eating lifestyle you can stick with… 

Volume 1 is a beginners handbook. Inside you will discover –

Learn to eat healthier

  • How “profits over people” is keeping you fat and sick and how you can bite back!
  • What is healthy? This seems to change almost weekly. Find common sense answers without the hype.
  • The truth about why foods we used to consider part of a healthy diet suddenly became bad for you.
  • A fast start guide of what to eat when, and why – so that you can get off to a good start right away.
  • How to create basic fast dinners
  • How to develop your own menu plans that will save you time and money
  • How to remove the temptation to hit the drive-thru
  • Mind tricks that will help you overcome obstacles
  • The other missing ingredients that you need to lose weight successfully and keep it off for life.

I’ll even tell you what I went through to try to learn to like broccoli. I eat it all of the time now. So does my previously vegetable-phobic sister, and she’s lost a lot of weight! The almighty health gurus will hate this one. 

(Did you know dogs love broccoli?)

 You’ll also get the Healthy Foods Finder –

find healthy foods you likeWhat foods do you have to eat?

The question really is, what healthy foods do you already like to eat? I guarantee that there are a lot of healthy foods that you like.

You’ll learn fascinating facts about the power of food

I was blown away when I started learning about the power of food. You always heard things like carrots are good for your eyes. My grandfather used to say if you ate garlic and onions, you would never have cancer. You will be astounded when you read about all of the things that food can do for you.

  • Did you know that garlic is a natural antibiotic?
  • That onions kill germs?
  • That broccoli can help prevent hormone based cancers?

The Healthy Food Finder  makes it fun and easy to find foods that you and your family actually like to eat. There are 100 foods listed, and a description of the health benefits of each one. Many will astonish you. (Even beer and chocolate!)

There is an exercise to go through with your family where you build a list of healthy foods that you all like, and you can start building your healthier eating habits based on these foods. People have a lot of fun with this exercise. You learn a ton about food, and you’ll always have something to talk about. 

Its not a one size fits all diet – its a lifestyle change built around your individual tastes.

No tofu or wheat grass, I promise! You will be delighted to find out that you really do like a lot of healthier foods.

Speed Cooking“But I don’t have time to cook!”

The biggest stumbling block is learning and actually implementing a healthier lifestyle – especially if you were raised on the typical American diet and have no clue where to even start.

Don’t feel bad. You are not alone. I’ll help you get off to a good start and show you how you can put together healthy meals faster and cheaper than the drive thru.

I very rarely make anything that takes longer than 30 minutes to get on the table. My record time is 11 minutes.

But – I’m not done yet!

You’ll also get the Small Bites Healthy Eating Coaching program. You’ll get healthy eating coaching in your email for the next 2 months to keep you going.

I’m not going to let you forget your commitment! If you want to learn to eat healthier for life and enjoy it – you need this.

At the end of it all, you will find that –

  • Your weight is in a steady decline
  • You feel better and have more energy
  • You are getting sick less
  • You are saving a bunch of money on health costs
  • Your kids are more behaved and their grades are improving
  • Your family is loving the meals you make
  • You have reduced your risk of disease
  • Your skin has a healthy glow
  • People are commenting on how great you look

I know you have probably been around the diet block a few times and you know what diet programs cost. And you know what poor health is costing you.

Imagine life with fewer sick days, Doctor visits and prescriptions. Could you find something better to do with all that time and money? Especially with all that energy you’ll have now…

How much better would your life be if you could just lose a few pounds a week without feeling deprived? Would that be cool?

Even if you just lost 2 pounds a week, that’s over 100 pounds in a year!

I’m on a mission to help as many people get healthy as quickly as possible. I’m so excited to be able to make a difference your life. That is why I am making this whole program available for only $27. That’s just one time. No recurring or monthly fees. 

So, to recap – you get:

  • Rebel With a Fork Volume 1 so you know the truth about how get healthy, lose weight, and feel better than you have in years
  • Healthy Foods Finder to help you find the healthy foods you already like to eat
  • Speed Cooking to help you get delicious healthy meals on the table in no time
  • Small Bites Healthy Eating Coaching delivered to your email for the next 60+ days
  • Email access to me if you have any questions or need some extra help

 All for just one little payment of $27. 

AND, if anytime within the next 30 days you feel that this isn’t working for you, ask for a refund.

So go ahead – hit the buy now button and lets get you started!


Buy Now$27

Wait! How much? I thought sure it was…Oh well, I’ll leave it for now. Get it now before I change my mind!


grilled chicken salad

Keep chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and tortillas make fast dinners

PS – What do you have to lose? Extra weight and poor health – that’s what!

Once you get over the hump, no one ever wants to go back to the fat and unhealthy lifestyle. Stick with it. You will love the healthier lifestyle.

I’m here to help you every step of the way.

I’m so excited for you! Healthy feels so good!


Buy Now   $27

Once you get used to eating real food, the way nature intended, you no longer enjoy processed foods. We are so much happier now, and I know we are setting a good example for our girls.

Melissa King – creator of the popular blog My Whole Food Life














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  19. Debbie

    I am that one sister that made that small change (as I sit munching on caramel corn lol). Not only have these small changes helped us lose weight….my cholesterol (bad) numbers dropped dramatically!! I think one of the problems with today’s diet is fast foods and everyone is in a hurry so they grab the quickest thing to eat which iften isn’t the proper foods. To think I used to think hamburger helper was good!! Yuck!! I can make it fresh just as fast and I’m not loading my body with non nutritional chemically enhanced food. I haven’t even been to McDonald’s in years!! (Double yuck). With Carole’s help and patient guidance we have achieved this.

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