Get ’em Healthy – Don’t Ask

I had to laugh on this one – so I came right over here to give you this quick tip.

I cut up a cantaloupe. Now I know that if I asked my daughter if she wanted some, she would say no.

But if you just put it on the table, guess what happens?

Yep, it’s almost gone.

Even works with broccoli.

Is it mean to trick them like that? 😉

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1 thought on “Get ’em Healthy – Don’t Ask

  1. Vicki Zerbee

    definitely not mean.. it’s all about the concern for their healthy start in life.. what you present now while they are young is what will help form their choices for the future.

    my kids were not big breakfast eaters.. but when we started making them a soy protein shake and setting it out their vitamins with it.. guess what.. they had time to drink it and they did! what a way to give them balanced blood sugar levels and extra energy to get through the morning at school!

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