Get arrested for talking about healthy eating

“When health and nutrition blogger Steve Cooksey received a disturbing 19-page letter from the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition, complete with threats of arrest, he did what others are often afraid to do: made it public.

It seems that his blog, which features nutrition principles based on the Paleo Diet, upset the dietetics board because they construed his online blog as a dispensing a type of “nutrition advising” or “nutrition counseling” without a license.

The Board ordered that Cooksey take down the nutritional advice or face prosecution … and outrageously even said he could not offer such advice for free to friends over the phone!

But there’s much more to this story than meets the eye, …

“…the ADA only wants you to be able to get your nutritional advice from one of their conventionally trained Registered Dieticians, who has undergone their nutritional brainwashing and adheres to their nutritional standards. How about your chiropractor, naturopath, personal trainer … and any number of other contacts in your life who may have amassed personal experience in their lifetimes, with valuable points to offer? Nope, not allowed to share them.”

There have been rumblings that this sort of thing would be happening to protect the pharma industry, but this is a new twist.

With all the the campaigning to encourage people to eat healthier, you would think they would want people to share this information as much as possible.

Do you think people should be stopped from dispensing nutrition advice without a license?

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